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Dastardly bastardly...

Some completely amazing turnabouts have come about in my life...

Let's begin with my birthday. The day of my becoming a legal adult i hopped into 'ol "De Colores" and zipped on out to Kalamazoo (On my own, for the first time). He bought me some incredible gifts and i spent two amazing days with him.
My position at Tenneco Automotive was eliminated due to budget cuts, so i was forced to job search for a wee bit 'o time.
I managed to make it to the May Novi Con despite financial difficulties:
Upon arriving at the Novi expo center, i momentarily froze my balls off outdoors, and paid the atrocious $18 entrance fee (was bestowed with a nifty green wristband)
Ron and I immediatly caught sight if each other and we decided that we'd be accompany each other for the day. He introduced me to the Ghoul and we struck up an interesting conversation about a dominatrix in Cleaveland and the Ghoul's new show. Then the hulking form of Froggy, the ever grinning, bulgy eyed mass of green that's been ressurected from slicing and dicing umpteen times or more, appeared behind us spouting, "HIYAHIYAHIYAH" (He was restricted to speak only that slurred greeting) and gave us all bear hugs.
Froggy was adept at shmoozing his way into a girl's arms- many pictures were taken with the over sized amphibian and his cheesewiz and crackers wielding creator.
Extra special moments with the Frog man:
* He scrawled to me in a mini notebook reading, "Froggy needs a date" and "I have big feet! :)" (He frequently gestured to his freakishly long bubble toed shoes that he professed to have paid an exorbitant sum for *Insert Barnum and Baily references from Ron here*)
* Ron took a photograph of froggy on his knees and folded hands in the air in a pleading position while the red-head donned in military garb that Ron was so enthralled with pointed her fake gun at his 100% cotton groin.
* A few Playboy Bunnies posed for pictures with Froggy and allowed us to throw crude comments about in their general vicinity.
Every time i've gone to the Novi conventions a certain artist/photographer has found me and taken my picture. This time around was no different, his friend with the slightly disturbing, but moreover, hypnotic glacier eyes, informed me that "Marvin" was looking for me and that i should be aware. He indeed found me and gifted me with a large drawing that he did of me from one of the photos he took at the lost con. This picture is... indescribable. The detail is astounding, i don't think i've ever been more flattered and dumbfounded.
He took a few more photos and I made $60 in the process.
I gabbed with Corey Marie for a bit and ogled her merchandise (Bought a handmade kitty hat and bat winged hat). Her boy Tod was quite pleasant and endearing.
I was offered three modeling jobs (?!) which will call for me to make a few drives to Grand Rapids and make appearances at some shows. I'll make a nice chunk of cash from all of that- now to get back to work on sculpting these abs. *Cries*
I ran into a sweet girl wearing a nifty corset on my way into the loo- she warned me of the toilet that failed to do it's duty and flush all of it's contents and complimented my dress. Later on, Ron spotted her and dubbed her with the moniker, "Corset Lady" and was persistent about catching up with her and having a chat. (Which eventually happened- he spotted her and had her come over and we all introduced ourselves. She was darling and gave me her email address so we could keep in touch... she was also a sport and endured several tummy pokes from the ever so "frustrated" Ron)
Unfortunately i didn't get any art from Mr. David Mack this year, being the accomplished artist he is, he was tied up with all sorts of fans and customers, but i did get to chat with him a bit and i took his picture. Coolio.
Note to self: Never again walk around in kinky boots for eight hours straight without a tidbit of food in your gut.
My haul:
A mirror with celtic designs on the back
A black and pink kitten hat
A purple bat winged hat
A stuffed Lenore doll
4 Spells comics signed by Chris yambar and Levi Krause
2 Arsenic Lullabys comics
Shiver in the Dark #2 signed by Stuart Sayger
A handmade wallet by Aaron Bordner
2 Harley Quinn Prints
A devil girl drinking out of a skull print
2 window stickers for my car
A signed Ghoul mug
A signed Ghoul poster
A Ghoul bumper sticker
A blue leather cuff
New sketches in my book from:
Andy Lee
Stuart Sayger
Levi Krause
Big Nate
Aaron Bordner
Corey Marie
Becky Grutzick and various others

To top it all off, i'm now a contingent employee at Chelsea Community Hopsital that will be making from $8.90-$10 an hour. The money i make from this job plus what i make on the side from "photo whoring" will enable me to make the move out to Kalamazoo with that much more security and ease.
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