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So... It's all planned out.

At the end of July/beginning of August i'll be moving in with Dave in Kalamazoo until Danielle and I find an apartment near her workplace. I'm excited (a little too excited) that i'll be able to stay with Dave while she and i search. I must seek out Robin and the rest of the gang and spend as much time as possible with them before i take my leave. *Joygasm*
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I've never been to the ol' Jackson, so I can't compare it to Kalamazoo, but I know Kalamazoo sure as hell beats Battle Creek. Fuck.

*Joygasm*--that was Awesome O

BTW, is the Robin you're speaking of kind of lanky with sparkly eyes?
lanky? i'm only 5'1 haha ;]
Well i've never been to Battle Creek- but yeeeeah, Jackson sucks some sweaty monkey balls. Kalamazoo is great fun- Plently of places to be entertained.
My Robin has some lovely eyes- but she's a shorty *pokes her*

...And i do believe this is the first time i've conversed with you- nice t'meet 'cha :)
It is indeed.. and (though it's been a while) nice t'meet you too :D
8 more days, bebe!!!! ♥ i'm going to give you so many hugs! xoxox
I can't wait, little bird *smooches*
There once was a little red head that hung out in Fun4All. Her mom loved me... I wish she and I could talk again.

I wonder what she's up to these days.

Holy shit, i think this is the girl, right here.

How the hell are you? Long time! :)
Jason? Whoa, did you know that i passed you in ann arbor a few months ago? By the time i realized it, you had dissapeared. I'd love to chat with you sometime...
Ey yah, this is that girl :) And her mom still loves you, heh.
What has she been up to? Well, she's a whole lot crazier, but she's still the artistic, comic book obsessed, musically inclined chickadee that can never seem to finish things.
I'd say she's pretty mustard. (Bleh, heheh)
It's so ironic that you found me here on LJ- I was just telling my Kzoo buddies about my old hangouts and friends that i missed- your name just so happened to come up. You should give me a shout sometime... Are you ever in Jackson anymore?
I'm in Jackson all the time. I don't know how to give you a shout though. email me and then i can shout.
Do you know that you are w/o a doubt the hardest person to get ahold of. I moved btw back on the eastside of town for Clair and Matt,mmmhhhhmmm. so we are are closer,just get ahold of me and we'll do lunch or just chill.

You two moved into another apartment? Man, i'll definately have to come and visit. Yeah, I'm almost never home anymore- I'm usually at work in Chelsea or visiting Dave and friends in Kzoo... Occasionally I'll find myself in Grand Rapids for other jobs... *Sigh* Yeah, we'll have to hang sometime.
Now I will have to make sure the toilet seat is down...and no hookers either...the things people do for love.
Nah, i'm unphased by the toilet seat thang (Flick of the wrist and the bastard's back down)- and as far as the hookers go... well, as long as you share, there's really no quarrel to be had. :)
So... is Kirsten ever coming back to 'ol Kzoo for a visit? She was fun.