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Hi, my name is Amanda and i've been a resident of Kalamazoo for over a month now. Nice to visit with you all.
I'm living with Big D and Cluis for the time being... Hopefully washing dishes and occasionaly running errands or playing no-charge cabbie will be enough to convey my gratitude for the current roof over my head.
*I'm employed at Copymax working minimal hours. Did i mention its a Nazi-run establishment? My manager tries to be a boyscout and attempts to filter out whats "unprofessional." I guess everything about me is unprofesional. Buuuut... I don't acquiesce so easily, i'm the curmudgeonly sort and he can kiss my grits; the pretentious ass.
*I've been spending a lot of time at "Rocket star-" a quaint little cafe not too far from the apartment that's populated by the lost souls demographic. You know- college kids studying for hours on the couches, emo kids discussing politics and music, philosophizers. Sometimes i want to climb on top of those rickety, stained tables and belt out a Bowie tune (preferably Station to Station or the all- encompassing success of David, Ziggy Stardust) in sheer Hot Topic wear and tall boots. I'm sure I'd get a rouse out of someone. And i'm sure it'd make me feel a little less numb.
...But that would be a little too darling for little ol' me, wouldn't it? That's what I'm told, anyways.
While "I'm just a girl in the world" (name that song) performing publicly or the mere thought of it continues to be undaunting.
*I've been looking to engage in a debate with someone all day. When i get fired up I can exchange the articulate witticisms like nobody's buisness.
*Walking in Kalamazoo (yes, for exercise) helps me air out the noggin and buys me some time with music. It also allows me to people watch, one of my favorite past-times, and boy howdy, this town is overrun with "interesting" characters. (Translation: possible products of incest)
*I am not a verbal punching bag, thank you.
*I chatted with my Robin today! I can't wait to see you, babe!
*Somebody go with me to Grand Rapids. I have a vehicle... I need the company.
*I'm beginning to want something that i know i will never acquire. Covetousness- i'm violating one of the ten commandments, aren't i? *shrugs*
*Time to do some more research on my current story project. Thanks to a long night/morning or brainstorming at the cafe with cluis, citing passages from Everyman and other Chaucer stories, and taking breaks to laugh and greet familiar faces,my passion for writing has been upped to a whole new level. Not to mention, the companionship has alleviated a great deal of stress.

More from me to come, i'm sure.
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