Blasphemy! made manifest (spyre) wrote,
Blasphemy! made manifest

For Clair...

There once was a girl with cherry blossom cherub cheeks
With the world cupped within her pale hands
She wonders how detrimental dropping it would be
To shatter such a lovely specimen
With such ugly little details
But to crush it all is to create permanent and, perhaps, fatal etchings
Remember the beauty in destruction
The tiny smudges down below are all tear slicked and back bowed
Because they’ll never forget
She’ll give it all a shake
And clear the cobwebs and the haze
Look closer, you’ll see
She’ll finger paint with the remnants
And find them knelt among the debris singing, not yet dirges,
But her songs of care bear stares and velvet goldmines
She’s juiced their souls like pomegranates
Bled dry, spit out the pits
So contagious, the way she sighs
Tell me angel, with clipped wings, what does that make you?
Smiling, she’ll turn her gaze with glitter-dust on her lashes
Decisive at last
Treading the obelisk to the stars
Where the asphodels are eternal, as is she
And she can finally sleep.
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